20 Facts About Me

Welcome to the new version of www.amedrops.com! So, I’ve incorporated some elements of gold here and there to add some sparkle and pizazz. Additionally, the layout in general is much more streamlined and easy to navigate, something my previous version was lacking.

Anyway, with this revamp of my website, I decided to make a “20 Facts” post. Twenty facts is quite a bit, especially when writing about myself haha. I’m not joking when I say this took me a few days to draft. Nevertheless I hope my readers will get to know me a bit more from these facts! Let’s start!

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A Sweet Weekend in Hershey, PA

Well, this is an awkwardly overdue post, but here we are. This is quite a long post, so brace yourselves!

On August 13th my family and journeyed to Hershey, Pennsylvania. We decided on Thursday that a mini vacation was in order. After a Friday spent wrestling with luggage, we set off early Saturday morning. The roads meandered through idyllic farmlands and verdure-covered hills. Around four hours later (an hour of which was spent battling New York’s tumultuous traffic), we arrived at our first destination – Hershey Gardens.

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How to Maintain Good Study Habits


After a lengthy self-imposed hiatus, I’ve finally returned to the blogosphere! Honestly, nothing has happened in my life save for completing my first semester of computer engineering. I passed my classes while thoroughly enjoying myself! Anyway, with my second semester in full swing, I thought I’d whip together a list of study habits I follow religiously.

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