How to Maintain Good Study Habits

How to Maintain Good Study Habits


After a lengthy self-imposed hiatus, I’ve finally returned to the blogosphere! Honestly, nothing has happened in my life save for completing my first semester of computer engineering. I passed my classes while thoroughly enjoying myself! Anyway, with my second semester in full swing, I thought I’d whip together a list of study habits I follow religiously.

Never skip class. Self-explanatory. Regardless of if a professor posts all the course material online, I make it a point to attend every single class. Sometimes simply being there helps me comprehend concepts better, and – as icing on the cake – I have the opportunity to ask questions on anything I’m confused about.

If possible, browse through lecture powerpoints ahead of time. When I do homework problems before those corresponding lessons have been covered in class, I score higher on exams. This is because while struggling through the problems, I teach myself theorems and techniques prior to them being explained by my professors.

Participate actively. If a professor asks a question to the class, I always try to answer. Even if I get it wrong, it’s the effort that counts, right? Most days, I sit smack-dab in the front of the classroom with my hand perpetually raised in the air. Hermione Granger would approve!

Have a designated homework/study area. I keep all of my books, notebooks, and laptop in one place where I know I can focus best. Additionally, I try to maintain a sense of order so I’m not overwhelmed. Having cute stationery helps, too!

Eat well, sleep well. Taking care of my body in turn means I’m taking care of my mind. I make sure to eat nutritious foods (though I treat myself to chocolate occasionally hah) and rest up. I’m guilty of not sleeping as much as I should, but that is what weekends are for! Just kidding…  it’s still a work in progress.

Do not procrastinate. I’ve definitely struggled with this in the past, so I consciously make an effort to schedule my tasks out. It has taken a huge burden off my shoulders and now that it has become an ingrained habit – I just cannot leave anything until last minute.

Find time to relax. Every now and then, I watch some funny clips on Youtube (my favorites involve cats), or I get up to stretch and walk around. It’s healthy to hit pause for a moment.

There you have it! As I mentioned, some of these things are definitely a work in progress, but with enough discipline – they are not hard to achieve. I hope you find this post helpful. Be sure to share your own habits in the comments below!


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