Staying Organized: My Tips & Tricks

I consider myself a fairly organized and meticulous person, but it hasn’t always been like this. Like everything else in life, practice equates progress. Over the years, I devised a system incorporating checklists which significantly improved my capacity for accomplishing goals. Now, I share this method on my blog with the hopes that it assists anyone else in need of help.

Above is a screen capture of my desktop. I prefer a minimal and clean appearance, with no icons or busy wallpapers. As for my current desktop, I made it myself. On the left side is a series of Stickies lists that help me keep on track. I update the list every week, and as each task is finished, I cross it off the list. At the end of the week, I clear out all the crossed-off tasks and type in new ones. It adds a sense of accomplishment when I do so, and this acts as a strange sort of motivation haha. And those pictures of Namjoon are there… as inspiration! Yes, that’s it hehe. I also like to keep a running list of multimedia just because.

Another tip is to keep your email inbox as clutter-free as possible. To the left is a method I use for my business inbox, which is based in Google Mail. I store all relevant emails using these labels and delete the rest. When I label emails, I can quickly refer to them when I am making my task lists. I have easy access to due dates, bills, project files, and commission info from my clients. At times, I send emails to myself when I find a useful website while browsing on my cell phone; I keep those stashed under notes. It keeps everything at my fingertips!

Here are some other tricks you may use to stay organized:

  • Carry a pen and small notepad at all times. Writing things down physically helps you remember better.
  • Try to maintain a tidy home/work environment. Clean surroundings = clear mind.
  • Smartphones have some amazing organizational apps.
  • Schedule your appointments in such a way that you have some leeway for unforeseen circumstance, i.e. getting lost.
  • If you’re a dedicated listmaker like myself, I’d recommend giving Listography a shot.
  • Make sure everything in your space has a home so you’ll never forget where anything is located.

With all this being said, I must get going and actually do the things on my task list. Blog posts to write, and Instagram pics to shoot – yes, yes. Ciao for now!

If you have any more tips and tricks on staying organized and on top of things, leave them down below!

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