Most-Used Mobile Apps


Some posts prior to this one, I had mentioned organizational mobile device apps. On that topic, I thought it would be helpful to provide a list of my most-used apps. Honestly, it never ceases to amaze me just many operations mobile phones can perform, especially considering how miniscule they are. Anyway, here are a few of my current favorite applications that I use on a frequent basis (I use an iPhone, by the way; however, I am sure most of these apps are available for Android users as well).

Games | Entertainment

  • Line Play: I spent way too much time doing missions and earning gems, but it was worth it.
  • Neko Atsume: Cats. That is all.
  • Spotify: Where else can you find chill lofi hip-hop beats at your fingertips?
  • Tap Tap Fish: A digital aquarium of sorts. There isn’t much to do here except tap the screen and take photos, but the colors make me happy hehe.
  • WebToon: Recently I’ve been into webcomics, i.e. if I find one particularly engrossing, I binge it in one night. My current favorite is Lore Olympus.


  • B612: For days when you don’t want to wear makeup, but still want to take cute selfies. B612 gives you a flawless makeover without the fuss!
  • Facetune: Sometimes there arises a need to whiten teeth, remove blemishes, tame a flyaway hair (or in my case, many, because I have perpetually messy curls).
  • Lightroom: Takes care of all of your color-correcting needs. I’m not sure what I was doing before I discovered Lightroom; it is literally magic.
  • Rookie Cam: Okay. So I literally only need one filter here – “Angel” – but it is such a wonderful filter that I will forever keep the app on my phone.
  • Snapseed: I use Snapseed to erase away little imperfections in my photos. When I don’t have access to Photoshop, it does the trick well enough.
  • VSCO Cam: I apply VSCO filters on every single photo I post. It is integral to my editing process.


  • Facebook: I need a means to connect with all my friends, plan events, send annoying cat stickers to people…
  • Instagram: Who doesn’t have an Instagram nowadays?
  • Twitter: There is surprisingly so much to say in 280 characters or less.
  • Youtube: Well duh!

Storage & Organization

  • Dropbox: Great app for storing the vast amount of photos I take. I also appreciate the fact that it automatically uploads my photos to a cloud.
  • SomTodo: A pretty well-known fact by this point – I am an obsessive list maker. This app helps.
  • Streaks: This is a nifty method of keeping track of all my daily habits. The UI is easy to understand, as well.

And that is all! Comment which apps you are loving lately down below! Also, if you want a post about how I edit all my photos and create my Instagram stories, let me know.

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