5 Ways To Always Look Fashionable


Recently, I’ve been more interested in fashion and style than I have been in many months. Perhaps it is due to the fact that I’ve lost a bit of weight and am taking better care of my fitness. Being able to fit into my old clothes is certainly a motivator. In any case I put together a list of five fashion tips on how to always look stylish, and how to always be your best-dressed self. Read on to discover how!

1: Keep your clothes clean and well-laundered.

Well, this is pretty self-explanatory. Make sure your clothes are stain-free and smelling fresh. If need be, iron or steam out all the wrinkles prior to wearing. I recommend carrying a mini lint roller and a stain remover pen (such as Tide-To-Go) in your purse or backpack. In fact, I actually have an emergency kit in my car stocked with aforementioned hygiene products in case such situations arise.

2: Organize your clothing and accessories.

It seems a bit much, but I color coordinate my closet by season, as well as keep my jewelry neatly stored in sectioned boxes. By doing so, I know where everything is and can quickly put together a stylish ensemble. Not to mention, I think displaying trinkets in this manner makes for lovely décor.

3: Figure out which colors compliment your skin colors, and which don’t.

Color theory plays a huge role in dressing well. Familiarize yourself with your skin’s undertones. If the veins in your wrist have a bluish/purplish tinge, that means you are cool-toned. You would look best in cooler colors. If the veins in your wrist have a greenish hue, that means you are warm-toned, and as such would look great in warmer colors. If you’re like me and have a vein color in between, that means you are neutral-toned and can wear any color. Here’s a handy chart to help you out. Select clothing that compliments your skin tone.


4: Wear what makes you feel happiest.

If a person exudes a confident aura, he/she will always look fashionable. Don’t follow trends just to fit in with the crowd, especially if you don’t find them to suit your sense of aesthetic. Only wear things that resonate with you. For example, I love blue florals, lace detailing, and sparkly embellishments, even if they aren’t seen as “hip”. I wear them because I feel wonderful when I do. If you follow this same principle, you’ll love your outfit. and that will come forth as a burst of self-esteem.

5: Make sure your clothes fit you correctly.

Also don’t buy clothing with the intention of fitting into them later. I am guilty of doing this! Know what your size is, and also take advantage of dressing rooms with their 360° mirrors. Sure, it may be unflattering to observe your body from all angles, but in the long run – it is better to familiarize yourself with how clothes fit you.

That concludes this post! I hope you found it helpful. Developing your own sense of style is an ongoing evolutionary process, so don’t feel discouraged in case you haven’t perfected it yet. Also, if you have your own fashion tips, please share them down below!

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