Best MAC Lipsticks For Indian Skin Tones

Being Indian with a neutral olive skin tone, discovering the perfect shades of lipstick can be a daunting task. My lips are pigmented and dark by themselves so finding shades that even show up is challenging haha. I’ve searched high and low for the most suitable shades and I’ve find a couple throughout the years. In this post, I shall be introducing a few MAC lipsticks that flatter my skin. Hopefully this provides a nice reference for someone like myself who is still stuck in the search process.

P.S. And yes. Finally. A face reveal!

So before we begin, let me talk about my skintone. My skin is completely neutral and hard to define haha. Finding my exact shade of foundation was an ordeal to say the least. Currently the best match for me is Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Hydrating Foundation in 2.22 (light-medium with neutral olive undertone). If you are close to that, I think these lipsticks would suit you well. However, I’m certain they would suit darker or lighter olive skin tones as well due to their overlaying undertones.

I shall be categorizing these lipsticks into: darks, reds, and mauves. These are the hues I wear most often as I find them most flattering and most suitable for my personal tastes. Eventually I will venture into the land of pinks and corals, but for now this is my comfort zone. Oh by the way, the clear tube tops are a fantastic find from Amazon. I highly recommend them as they make finding a particular shade so simple.


Diva [Matte] – Diva is a deep and true warm burgundy. It has a reddish tinge to it and is perfect for the autumn/winter months. If applied lightly, it makes for a nice dark red lip on olive skin tones.

Rebel [Satin] – Rebel is a highly versatile cool shade. One coat lends a sheer flush of magenta color on the lips. Layered on, the color appears darker, richer, and more vampy. I prefer the sheer flush of color for spring time. It brightens my whole complexion! Also, since it’s a satin lipstick, it’s easier to blend out to create the trendy gradient lip effect. Personally I love that berry-stained look; let me know if you’d like a tutorial on it! I’d be happy to make one.


Ruby Woo [Retro Matte] – Ruby Woo is a universally flattering red lipstick. It’s a vivid bluish-red which instantly makes your teeth look pearly white. Out of all the matte shades I’ve tried, however, this lipstick is quite drying, so moisturize before applying.

Chili [Matte] – Chili was the first MAC lipstick I purchased with my student job money, thus I have fond memories of it. I remember treating it so preciously and only using it for special occasions haha. It’s a flattering warm orange-red that looks great on olive skin.

Brick o-la [Amplified] – Brick-o-la can be classified as a brown color, but it has enough reddish-berry in it to be considered a red.


Del Rio [Satin] – Del Rio is a slightly warm plum that looks wonderful on dark skin. It’s also what I’m wearing in this post!

Crème In Your Coffee [Cremesheen] – Every Indian blogger whose site I visited recommended this lipstick, so I bought it (good marketing). It’s a pinkish brown that shows up nicely on my lips. Best for office makeup.

Good Form [Lustre] – Being a lustre lipstick, Good Form has a subtle shimmer to it. I wouldn’t say it’s the most pigmented of the lot, but I reach for it the most often since I find it to be the best “Your Lips But Better” shade on me.

Here are some swatches, so you may see how the colors interact with my neutral olive skin. I hope you found this post helpful. As it turns out, self-isolation and quarantine is a great time to try on new makeup looks.

Stay safe, everyone!

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