Social Distancing & Ways to Cope

It’s been a full week since I’ve started social distancing. With the exception of getting groceries (an ordeal, for sure), I haven’t left my apartment. And with that comes a certain feeling of restlessness and uncertainty. We are living in unprecedented times; there aren’t many predictions we can make about the predicament, at least at the present. I have faith that things will get better soon so let’s keep up the positivity. In the meantime, be sure to stay home! It’s not only safe for yourself, but you will be keeping others safe at the same time. Here are some things to make the experience more enjoyable.

Try out a new hobby.


I’ve always wanted to bullet-journal but never actually got around to it until now. It’s a wonderful facet for my creativity and imagination. I had bought so many pretty supplies over the past year – washi tapes, stickers, stamps, scrapbook paper – and I finally have a chance to use them all haha. Plus there are so many amazing ideas floating around on Pinterest that keep me inspired and motivated. In fact, I’m formulating a few pages already. If they turn out successfully, I shall make a blog post all about my techniques. Also check out my “𝒷𝓊𝒿𝑜” highlight on my Instagram to see some behind the scenes.

Clean and organize.

Keeping clean is vital during this time period. Make sure to disinfect all your countertops and surfaces! Apparently the coronavirus can stick to surfaces for up to 72 hours, thus making it imperative to stay vigilant. Right now is also perfect timing to reorganize. Switching around your surroundings ensures a more fresh atmosphere and makes staying at home less boring. Just simple changes here and there, such as moving around some plants or sorting your closet out by color, can make a huge difference in your vibe. This clothing rack is an item that sparks joy (in the words of Marie Kondo) every time I add something new.

Here is a gallery wall project that I completed last week!

Play video games.

Video games are a highly immersive experience. They place you as the protagonist in a whole new world. In doing so, they stimulate your mind and senses while keeping you wholly engaged. That’s why they’re perfect for social distancing. In fact, I’ve literally spent the whole of this weekend playing Okami HD. The counter reads 32 hours (24 of which were this weekend haha). It’s a gloriously beautiful game and I can’t rave about it enough. The visuals, gameplay, music (oh the music!), the plot – everything is so carefully thought out and amazing to play through. It’s available as a digital download on the Nintendo Switch.

Find some new tunes to jam to.

Music definitely lifts my mood, and I’m sure many people feel the same. I’ve been chilling to a lot of lofi hip-hop, ambient beats, and jazz. My current favorite is the Kingdom Hearts LoFi Hip-Hop mix (I’m fanatical about KH hehe). Also check out my Spotify if you need help finding some relaxing ambient/lofi tracks (in addition, I made a playlist of all my favorite BTS songs); I’ve been updating it more frequently. Filling my apartment with pleasant sounds helps me feel less isolated, and it’s calming to boot. As a bonus, I can even drown out the incessant barking of my downstairs neighbor’s dog haha.

Here are some other things I’ve been doing:

  • Read philosophical material.
  • Facetime or video chat with family and friends.
  • Workout with the help of Youtube classes.
  • Brush up on old lecture notes.
  • Doodle silly little nothings.
  • Peruse my artbook collection.
  • Retail therapy via online shops.

In light of the situation, do whatever feels best to you to keep yourself occupied and stress-free. Remember that you’re helping others by staying indoors, and keep in mind that this too, shall pass. I hope that this post gave you some recommendations.

Stay safe, everyone!

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