Ted Baker Cepap Runner Sneakers Unboxing

Ted Baker London is quickly becoming one of my favorite designers. These sneakers are my first fashion purchase from the brand, and I couldn’t be happier with them. I decided to invest in a new pair of sneakers as I need motivation to get my currently unmotivated self to the gym. Honestly I wasn’t actively looking for sneakers but when I saw these on the website, I literally gasped. Plus they were on clearance… so, well you know how this story goes. Here’s my unboxing and first impressions!

Before talking about the shoes, can we take a moment to admire this incredible packaging? In fact, I have a DIY project idea in mind which reuses the outer sleeve.

Now let’s get to opening this box. The same lovely strawberries completely cover the inside of the cardboard. I shall be turning the package inside out and use to store knick-knacks.

The shoe box itself is minimal, with rose gold embossing of the logo, sizing information, and this clever little stamp. It made me giggle a bit! Right, I should mention what size I got. My true size is a 5.5 US (or even a 5, depending on the brand). However, in sneakers and closed-toed shoes I normally get a size 6 to accommodate socks. According to the Ted Baker website, this equates to a 36.5 so that’s what I selected.

Finally, the shoes! Gorgeous. They are even prettier in person than on the website (which I didn’t think was possible). The butterfly floral print strikes me as unique, which is why I bought them in the first place. Though plain sneakers are nice, it just feels special to be wearing these. I also love how the colors are quite primary, meaning I can match them with a majority of my gym gear. For practicality purposes, I only wear black sneakers since they hide dirt, and they look sleek with my usual black leggings. This pair obviously fits the bill.

The rose gold details are a chic touch. I do have a preference for gold hardware, but I can manage with rose gold as well, haha. The bow on the laces is my favorite bit. The same bow motif is repeated on the heel of this sneaker as well. How cute! Inside the shoe box, there is also nestled an extra pair of laces, and an info card. The info card details the durability of ortholite foam – the material the insoles are made of. According to the card, ortholite provides superior cushioning, a high level of breathability, high rebound, moisture management, and an antimicrobial function. Nifty, eh?

As for how they fit, I find them to be quite comfortable. The heel is a bit raised which I think will provide ample cushioning for when I’m running on the treadmill. Stylish and comfy!

I hope you liked this unboxing post. It’s a new post style for me, but I plan to do more in the future (perhaps more shoe unboxings since you can never have too many, or something else hehe).

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