Café Corner: My Coffee Bar Tour

Bar carts are – in my opinion – very chic. I love their aesthetic and spirit bottles quite often have amazing packaging. However, I do not consume alcohol, and I don’t entertain the idea of having it on my premises for guests either. So having a bar cart seemed moot. Then I saw an idea for a coffee bar on Pinterest. Now that concept was straight up my alley! Thus I created a little café corner in my apartment. I’ve accumulated little knick-knacks over time, and now it’s finally ready to be featured on my blog. Sip a chai latte, nibble on some macarons, and get settled – let’s start!

So let’s first begin with the “cart”. Honestly, I simply bought a Kallax Shelf Unit from Ikea, since it’s incredibly inexpensive and versatile. As I am not permanently settled in Austin, I didn’t spend a great amount of money on any one furniture item. Once I find a place I would like to live in indefinitely, I will definitely invest in a beautiful cart such as this one. Anyway, I didn’t make any modifications to the shelving unit either, though I may at a later time!

Here is what I keep on top:

The framed quote is something I brought from back home, and the two pieces of artwork above the bar area are my own DIY projects. I had great fun making them! Turns out that scrapbooking paper, stationery supplies, and extra pieces of cardboard combined with a sense of boredom-creativity makes for worthwhile results. I enjoy making my own pieces of décor since it allows me to inject my own personality into everything. The cup on my chai poster is festooned with a sealife washi tape – why? To symbolize my ardent love of marine biology! Hehe.

The bottom shelves are used as storage. I keep all my prettier mugs and party ware there, as well as organizers for snacks and coffee powders, tea bags, matcha, etc. The organizers are from Amazon. Unfortunately most of the mugs I have are either sold out or are from places like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Homegoods, therefore I cannot provide links. Here are the ones I can find, however:

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my café corner. It is one of my favorite areas in my apartment, and having all my coffee/tea essentials in one place like this makes my day so much easier. With all that being said, see you in the next post!

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