Kate Spade Favorites

Kate Spade New York has consistently been one of my favorite brands since 2014. The product designs are whimsical, feminine, and classic – some of the traits I aspire to be. Plus they have wonderful sales! Over the last couple years, I’ve accumulated quite a collection of lovely things by Kate Spade. So in this post, I simply wanted to look back at a few particular pieces which I can safely call my “favorite” (though honestly, all of them are my favorite). Some of them may not be available, but I will link something similar.

Layton Wellesley Wristlet (Robin Egg) | Similar

This wristlet was the first Kate Spade item I owned, and was actually a present from my mom. I had been using a Coach wristlet throughout college and it became so battered and worn (the zipper broke, the strap broke, everything broke basically) that it was essentially rendered unusable. Thus, she bought this one for me and it’s perfect for me! Honestly I’ve guarded it really preciously and don’t take it out much, since it is an item I cherish. Nonetheless, the few times I wore it out, it added the most wonderful pop of color to my outfit. My wardrobe mainly consists of blacks, whites, grays, and blues, so colorful accessories compliment my style well. As for the wallet itself, inside are multiple card slots, a compartment for cash, and a zip compartment in the back which fits my iPhone XS to a T.

Cameron Street Lottie (Misty Mint) | Similar

I remember spotting this bag on sale, and at the same time – I had just received a 40% off coupon in my inbox. While all this was happening, I had just started working professionally and I was not used to spending money on extravagant fashion pieces. Especially as I previously earned minimum wage during my student researcher job and thus, vigilantly watched my bank account out of habit. But the bag stood out to me on the website, and I knew I would regret not purchasing it. So I bit the bullet, and I love it! When it arrived, it was much roomier than I expected which is a plus for me since I tend to carry everything but the kitchen sink in my purse. Inside the purse are three compartments – the middle of which is zippered – two interior front pockets, and one zippered interior back pocket. It is lined by a pretty black-and-white striped fabric which I appreciate, since a dark interior makes it extremely difficult to find what I need inside a purse.

Cameron Street Hazel (Black) | Similar

My mom gifted this to me for Christmas two years ago, and it’s still one of my favorites. Since I don’t own anything like this, I appreciate it even more. It is definitely a fancy purse, so I use it for parties and special events. Inside, there are slots for cards and cash. I do have to say that not much will fit in here save for said cards/cash, phone, lipstick of the day, perfume rollerball, and some mints. However, keeping in mind that it’s not meant for everyday, I am not hindered whatsoever. The leather on the outside is extremely durable and scratch-resistant, while the light gold chain is well-made (though a tad heavy). When I feel like using this purse as a clutch, I can tuck the chain inside and voìla – an instant transformation!

Brilliant Statements Duo Prong Studs | Similar

One thing about me is that I’m addicted to ear piercings. I have three of them in each ear, and am planning to quite more later. High quality stud earrings that fit my taste are difficult to find, since I want something subtle enough to wear in a professional environment, but stands out amongst my other piercings. I finally found the pair! The way these studs are structured is quite unique, with a central cubic zirconia surrounded on either side by a smaller cubic zirconia. They’re work-appropriate, but if I want to sport a more edgy style, I can play around with ear cuffs and huggies too!

Walk on Air Eau de Parfum | Exact

I had received a sample of this perfume from Sephora years ago, and I really liked it. According to the description, it has notes of: Linden Blossom, Maiden’s Hair Fern, Calabrese Bergamot, Solomon’s Seal, Tunisian Neroli, Lily Of The Valley, Magnolia Grandiflora, Egyptian Jasmine, Narcissus Absolute Orpur®, Crinum Lily, White Iris, Violet Leaf Absolute Orpur®. To be frank, I’m not sure what each scent smells like individually, but on me, the perfume is light, fresh, and floral. Anyway back to my story. Unfortunately, I forgot about it for quite some time until I recently saw the gift set on Nordstrom Rack for $39.99. For such a bargain, I simply could not resist so I went ahead and bought it. Regrettably, the gift set is sold out but I did link the perfume. As a side note: whenever it comes to perfumes, I recommend trying out a sample first before splurging on the full-size. Sephora, and most beauty counters are quite generous about that aspect so don’t be afraid to speak to one of the employees.

Ready Set Bow Pavé Bow Ring | Similar

Bow rings might be a bit too girly for some, but for some reason – I find bows in general just plain adorable. They remind me of fairy tales and Disney princesses. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to actually be a Disney princess… so… here we are. Maybe one day! I can hope, can’t I? Haha in any case, I bought this ring in a size 6 and surprisingly – it fits! It is a tad loose since I have quite skinny fingers but overall I am pleased. I’d say this ring is on the daintier side, but it is not tiny. Just the right size – like baby bear’s porridge in the Goldilocks tale!

With that, I conclude this post. I hope you enjoyed reading about my Kate Spade favorites. I will surely expand my collection as time moves on. Keeping my eyes peeled for beautiful pieces and equally beautiful sales! I’m off now; until next time!

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