Commission Information

Digital Illustration Commissions

Status: Closed

What you will receive: A full resolution image, in whatever file type desired (default is .png), and a resized version if wanted.

I also do real media commissions, though rarely. E-mail me for real media commission information. Prices will vary depending on what you want. The more complex the character (outfits, accessories, weapons, etc.), the pricier the commission. Once you commission me, please send me all the information you can on the character(s). The more that you send me, the better and easier it will be for me to draw. Reference pictures are most helpful. I will periodically show you works in progress of the illustration so that you may tell me if you’d like something changed. Once the drawing is complete, I will not go back to change anything, so be sure to tell me when I send you the progress shots.


All prices are in USD.
For a character with a white or solid-colored background:

  • Headshot: $15.00 (additional characters $10.00 each)
  • Bust: $30.00 (additional characters $25.00 each)
  • Full body: $50.00 (additional characters $45.00 each)

Add a simple background $5.00.
Add a complex background $15.00 + (depends on the complexity)

I Will Not Draw:

• Explicit nudity
• Extreme gore
• Violence
• Anything derogatory/ offensive
• Copyrighted characters/ideas (unless they are your own)


I accept Paypal, check, or cash, though I prefer Paypal. I must receive at least 50% of the payment beforehand. After the commission is complete you may send me the rest. I will show you a resized watermarked version of the completed commission, and when I receive the payment in full, I will send you the full-sized illustration.